Top 5 Principles of Social Media Marketing

  1. Strategy

    The strategy answers the question: What are your goals? How will you get your business goals while using diverse social networks? Some companies utilize social networks in order to increase your brand awareness, and others apply them in order to drive website traffic and sales. It depends on your marketing purposes.

  2. Planning and Publishing

    Social media marketing is very important for small businesses and starts from a consistent presence on social networks. Around three billion customers have profiles on social networks. If your product or service is presented on social networks, you enhance your chances to extend your purpose audience and find new customers.

  3. Listening and Engagement

    If you promote your product or service on social networks, you need to have feedback from your consumers in order to find out how effective your marketing strategy is. You can manually check all your notifications across all the social media platforms, but it's not effective and you will not be able to track posts that didn’t tag your business’s social media profile. In order to make your marketing strategy really effective, use social media listening and engagement tool. This tool will show you all the mentions and messages from all the social networks used for the promotion of your product.

  4. Analytics

    While using social networks for your marketing strategy, each user wants to find out how their social media marketing is effective. Social media platforms provide their users with a basic level of analytics, for instance, Buffer Analyze.

  5. Advertising

    Social media advertising is also very important for the promotion of your product. Social media ads allow you to extend your purpose audience. Social media advertising platforms are so effective today that you can specify exactly who to demonstrate your ads to.

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